Do It Yourself Dry Cleaning

If you have a piece of clothing that must be dry cleaned and it is made of polyester, rayon, or cotton then I have the solution for you!!!! Take an old pillow case and cut little slits into it or use a mesh laundry bag. Place your item in the bag (i.e. Blazer). Tie a knot at the top of the bag so the item doesn’t fall out. Place the bag into the washer on the most gentle cycle. Add a little bit of laundry detergent and make sure the water is cold.

Once the wash is complete take the item out of the bag. Lay a towel on the floor and place the item flat out on towel. Add another towel on top of the item and roll both towels up soaking up any water that is remaining. Now hang the item up to dry. DO NOT PLACE IN DRYER. This is such an inexpensive way to clean your delicate clothing. Please bring silk items to a dry cleaner.



Lidcare as an Eye Makeup Remover

I have extremely sensitive eyes so I am very careful with the eye makeup remover that I use. Back in my early 20’s I worked for an Optometrist. He always sold so many boxes of “Lidcare”. Technically, this is used for people with blepharitis (inflammation of the eyelid). But then I learned that it was a fantastic product for eye makeup removal. You can buy this in a bottle or wipes. I prefer to buy the moistened wipes. Make sure to squeeze the individual package a few times before opening the wipe. This will activate the solution. No more scrubbing your eyes. This takes makeup off easily. You can also use the wipe as a facecloth afterwards by rinsing it under water.

Find this at most grocery stores and pharmacies. Shoppers Drug Mart, Walmart, Superstore



Thailand – if you haven’t already gone.. What are you waiting for?

I recently went backpacking in Thailand. Words almost can’t describe the things I did and seen. So let me break it down for you as best as I can.

BANGKOK – after 20 hours of flying and 2 hours of sleep I decided to explore all that Bangkok has to offer. I checked out the indoor mall (the stop after the MDK mall on the train). I was never so happy for air conditioning. A sweltering 47 degrees and pollution that could cut off your breathing was not a good start. I met up with two friends and we went to Sea World. It was pretty cool but nothing special. We had a lot of fun at the wax museum. After that we got a tuk tuk to Khao San Road. This is the Main Street with shopping and bars. This is where we met Mister T Black Hat. Shoutout to you my brother. You definitely showed us a good time! After 4 hours of touring around he took us down this sketchy back alley to a ping pong show. If you do not know what this is, you are lucky. It was one hour I will never get back in my life. We watched these Thai women do weird shit with their vaginas. Ping pong ball throwing, smoking, writing notes with a marker. These women are talented!!! Then came the main event. A man and woman had sex to “how do I live – LeAnn Rimes”. Hey ms rimes, good work! We ended our night back on Khao San Road. We drank till the sun came up and purchased a million laughing gas balloons. During the night we lost one of our friends in the crowd. While he was alone he saw 10 Thai guys beating up a white dude. He thought he would be a hero (not recommended) and help this guy out. He described the Thai guys as “ninjas” as they were all dressed in black and started whipping his side with whips chasing him down the street. It was scary in the moment but it is something we would laugh about for the rest of the trip. It was also the songkran festival (water splashing festival). People had buckets of water and squirt guns. We made it home soaked, mud between our toes, but all in one piece. We survived Bangkok…barely!

KOH PHANGAN – This is the island where the famous Full Moon Party is. We stayed at the most beautiful resort named “The Coast”. Highly recommended!   It is about a 5 minute drive to Hadd Rin Beach. Do not stay at a hotel on the beach. The party goes all day and night and it was nice to get some R&R without all the hustle and bustle. The FM party was fun! Everyone is decked out with body paint, neon clothing, and buckets of liquor. Redbull and vodka was my friend. (Red bull originated in Thailand). Fortunately, my heart is still pumping haha.

KOH TAO – After getting on a ferry stuffed like sardines we landed in Koh Tao. We stayed at the seashell resort on the beach. This is a more chill place. After a night of partying we decided to go scuba diving that next morning. Waking up hungover in hot weather and little sleep is not a good idea when you have diving planned. The boat rocked back and forth and so did the feeling in my stomach. I watch a lot of National Geographic so the ocean scares the shit out of me. I was a trooper and did it for my friends. Best idea they had yet! What an amazing experience. After the dive I got back on the boat. Not knowing which end is about to burst from my body, I started throwing up over the side of the boat. Did I mention most washrooms do not have toilet paper in Thailand? Enough said. Bring tissue in your bag at all times! When we got back I went for a Thai massage. It was very acrobatic. They use their entire body to massage you. bucket list…check!

KOH SAMUI – We took another ferry over to this next island. We stayed at The ARC. This is a huge party hotel. They have beach and pool parties from 2pm to 2am. Getting a room by the beach was an awful idea if you want sleep. We bought tickets to a Muay Thai fight. The main event ended with a guy getting KO’d and throwing up all over himself. We also did an elephant trek. This was so cool! The way they treat the elephants was not cool. Metal picks being slammed into the animals ears. Chains around their necks. They weren’t even in a jungle. We went through people’s yards and I almost hit 10 different power lines. Bucket list.. Check! We also put our feet in these little aquariums that had fish that would eat the dead skin off your feet. I didn’t last long doing that. We booked a flight over to Phuket. Flying is definitely the choice of travel. 15 hour bus rides are not fun.

PHUKET – What a busy place! So much going on. Very overwhelming. We hit up the Moulin Rouge Cabaret. This is a lady boy show. Most of these lady boys have better bodies than most women I know! The rest of the time was spent relaxing as I had 24 hours of flying ahead of me. As I get to the airport I realized I threw out my departure card to leave the country. I approach the customs desk and politely ask what they can do for me. I was taken to a small room and told to give them 100 baht. I gave 200 baht. Bribing an immigration officer to get out of the country was not on my bucket list. But … Check!

What a crazy trip! It is memories like these that make me fall in love with travel.


How To Get Beach Hair

If your hair is anything like mine, it is pin straight and hard to scrunch. I tried Bumble & Bumble Sea Salt spray and that did nothing for my hair type. On a recent trip to Cabo San Lucas I was using my spray sunscreen on my face. I accidentally sprayed some in my hair and it was the best accident ever!! Spray sunscreen is an excellent tool for getting that wavy, scrunched look. When your hair is almost dry (works best when damp) spray the sunscreen throughout your entire hair and scrunch with your hands. Bam!! Instant awesomeness!! #youarewelcome





Covermark Concealer

The alarm goes off. That annoying beep beep beep. Ugh! Do I have to get up right now? There are mornings that we wake up not feeling fully rested. Well I have the perfect product for you. I must have tried 45,747,288 different concealers in my life. I have really dark under eye circles and this is the best product for that. It targets dark, deep under eye circles and blemishes. No words are really needed for this. It speaks for itself. Try it out and let me know what you think!!

You can purchase this product from the link below.